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  • What?
  • NFT
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What is this?

10000 NFT powerups for videogames, sold as an NFTs collection on the Matic (Polygon) blockchain.

It's a privately distributed NFT collection.

There are three ways to obtain them:

  1. Receive them as a gift
  2. Have your wallet be included in a list of valid wallets
  3. Buy them from someone else on OpenSea

You'll find all the contacts in the contact section.

A beautiful arcade

What do I get by buying one?

You'll get:

  • A 3D interactive NFT (their ID card!)
  • An image of the Ladybug to be used as you prefer
  • A boost of statistics in play-to-earn microgames that can integrate with this collection. At the moment, they are zero.

For example, you could get:

The image

A beautiful ladybug

The powerup stats

  • Vitality Boost: 16%
  • Endurance Boost: 8%
  • Speed Boost: 4%
  • Strength Boost: 17%
  • Resistance Boost: 20%
  • Intelligence Boost: 28%
  • Luck Boost: 3%

A 3D NFT (but you'll see down here just a gif)

A beautiful videoloop of a beautiful 3D Ladybug

BUT WAIT. There is a surprise:

The Ladybug you'll buy will be revealed AFTER you buy it/them.

To be fairer to everyone and keep some thrill, by minting, you'll get an Unrevealed Ladybug, with all the boosts in the metadata set to zero.

Every now and then, all the minted Ladybugs will be revealed, so you'll have your shiny, new, fully powered Ladybug.

A beautiful videoloop of a beautiful 3D unrevealed Ladybug

An unrevealed Ladybug

The Story

Oh no! Dr. Blubbo is conducting terrible experiments on a large number of ladybugs to research the source of luck.

After many sleepless nights in his laboratory and a pepperoni pizza too much, he falls asleep on the "open cages" button (surprisingly near the "self-destruction" button). It's the only chance for these genetically-modified ladybugs to escape the sleepy doctor!

Help them be reintroduced into society by giving them a new home. You'll have a shiny card with an image of the one you'll take. In the land of Vabalb, it is a vital id document. Keep it in your wallet at all times!

Little did he know that ladybugs are just insects, and it's only a belief, in the land of Vabalb, that they can bring luck...

... or maybe not?

A beautiful story

The explosion of the laboratory

TLDR; Experimental ladybugs escaped from the laboratory. They are scared. Adopt them.

Mint One

If you would like to read the smart contract before minting, feel free to look! It's so difficult to trust people these days!

Be aware! You'll be able to mint a ladybug only from an address that has been added to a list of valid wallets.

To add your wallet address there, reach out to me. You'll find everything you'll need in the contact section.

How much does it cost to have one?

The prices are in MATIC.

Price chart0500075008750-NFT Sold2001005025Price

The more Ladybugs sold, the rarer they are.

A beautiful coin

The team

Well, just me.

A not beautiful guy

It's a me, Marco! (Pun intended). IT Architect on a big company by day, senior full-stack engineer/blockchain learner/creator by night(s and weekends). I'm passionate about building things.

I've built everything you see here. Drew images, wrote the mix-and-match script that generates unique pictures, interactive 3D websites, and metadata with properties with a good probability distribution. I've written the smart contract and this website, in React/NextJS + WebGL + all the serious and silly things you are reading here.

I'm partially colorblind, so if some color does not make sense, please forgive me. And maybe drop me a message, so I'll be aware of that.

... still here?

The website is over. You can close the tab

Ok, you earned it. I like you.

Contacts and Links

If you read until here, you might be interested in reading something more.

Don't expect to see a lot of social activities eh, I'm just a nerd.

  • Personal LinkedIn no wait. I have my work life there. It's what brings my pasta on the table, no playing there. Let's chat on Twitter or LinkedIn
  • Personal Twitter
  • Radioactive Ladybugs Twitter
  • Opensea Page
  • Contract's code

Thanks for reading. I hope you had fun and see you soon!

A beautiful celebration

If you liked this website, have questions, or whatever, drop me a message, I'll happily have a chat with you.